Upcycle Hack Workshop

Be the change in rebuilding a community that loves and respects the people, culture and our environment. These workshops are designed to explore and spark the creative and scientific soul in you! Join us for a compact and easy upcycle hacks to bridge art, fashion and our local roots in sustainability.

Bored of the same old tees and jeans? 

If you got torn t's and jeans and don't know what to do with them? 


We reconnecting with our old clothes! Our upcycle hack workshop was absolutely beautiful held on the rooftop in the shade. We had water in vodkha bottles( hahaha, for real) and upcycled our old tees and jeans under the sky, transforming them into fancy wearable art that we hope to cherish. Adding our love into restoration is such a peaceful and meditative process. I had a lot of fun with my Broqué Familia!

Repaired our torn t-shirts and learnt how to sew. 

Turned our boring jeans into an absolute funky pair of pants, hand-painted it ourselves. 
Rips and flares?! Add character to your jeans by doing these rips on anywhere you like!
The whole process of upcycling, is a way to connect with our clothes to make them memorable.  It's the perfect way to unleash our creative juices! If you are interested to learn about easy upcycling hacks, email me  at club.broque@gmail.com. 

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