About Us

With the intention of creating upcycled gender-neutral fashion wear for a conscious generation, Broqué promotes a zero-waste circular model that strives to innovate the linear fashion value chain. Inspired by the 80's era, Broqué is the first and only conscious design innovation lab in Bangladesh that rescues, repurposes, reuses and recycles unloved textile surplus and transforms it into wearable art.

Our motivation comes from the talented local artisans, protecting their craftsmanship and nurturing their art. We collaborate with gender diverse and marginal communities across the boards, encouraging social advocacy and mitigating discrimination through workshops, seminars and projects.

In light of the global SDGs, we strive to diminish the demand for new fabric altogether in the supply chain and decrease the necessity of water consumption in the entire lifetime of the garment - inducing responsible consumption and production. Furthermore, climate action is advocated through elimination of plastic by using eco-friendly recyclable packaging.