Upcycling Project Collaboration with Barney Sku


Slow is better for the world: Broqué founder talks slow fashion

In a world of "buy more, buy new, get it FAST, throw it faster," what is slow fashion and should you care? Continue Reading→

Fashion for good: Promoting conscious consumerism

Dhaka’s renowned fashion designers and labels will be donating one of their designs from their very own exclusive collections. Continue Reading→


‘Social Business Youth Summit 2021’ focuses on building sustainable post-pandemic world

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Social Business Youth Summit 2021, co-hosted by YY Ventures and Impact Hub Dhaka, curated by YY Goshti, and supported by Yunus Centre and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency took place on February 27 and 28. Continue Reading→


OP-ED: Can the fashion industry ever be sustainable?

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The concept of sustainability in the fashion industry emerged late, owing to the elusive division drawn between the social world and the natural world. Continue Reading→

Wearing woke

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In this fast-paced era, when choices are made based on how Instagram worthy they are, the fashion industry seems to be at its peak in terms of demand. Continue Reading→


Slow Fashion: Up-Cycled High Fashion Streetwear

Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Versace. What do these brands have in common? They are all high fashion, Continue Reading→ 


#29 Mahenaz Chowdhury - Building the slow fashion movement in Bangladesh

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Mahenaz Chowdhury is a sustainable fashion, zero waste and gender activist on a mission to break stereotypes and build the slow fashion movement in Bangladesh. Continue Reading→


Connecting the Dots with Bibi Russell

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The last time I wrote about Bangladesh and sustainability was precisely a year ago. Things were different. Continue Reading→

BANGLADESH - The Quiet Frontrunner of Circular Fashion

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The values of slow fashion or upcycling aren't anything new. We have been raised with the ideologies of conserving, saving, and respecting nature from a very young age. Continue Reading→


How I Quit Fast Fashion


Mahenaz is the founder of, the first and only zero-waste streetwear in Bangladesh Continue Reading→


Case Study of the Day: Broqué - An Upcycling Fashion Brand


How can a social business in Slow Fashion have a positive impact on community and environment? Continue Reading→

ব্লগার’স ডায়েরি I টেকসই ফ্যাশন

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‘সাসটেইনেবল ফ্যাশন’-এর ধারণাটা একেবারে নতুন না হলেও অনেকের কাছে তাই-ই। Continue Reading→